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How do I use the new Enhanced WebMail?


Getting to Know your New WebMail

#1: Use this box to search through your email.

#2. Clicking this button refreshes your mailbox.

#3. Use these buttons to compose, reply, reply to all, and forward email messages in your mailbox.

#4. Use this button to mark a message as spam.

#5. Use this button to delete selected email messages.

#6. Use this button to make your email full screen.

#7. Click this button to add the sender of the selected email to your Contacts.

#8. Click this button to turn off the preview pane for your email. Turning off the preview will simply list your emails.

#9. This tool lets you know the percentage of your allocated mailbox space currently used.

#10. Click this button to open your email preferences. From this menu you can adjust everything about your email box including spell check, signatures, email deletion, adding 3rd party email services and more.

#11. Click this button to add folders to your email box.


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